[gnome-bluetooth] [gnome-phone-manager]

Matthias Meulien orontee at free.fr
Thu Feb 22 07:59:35 UTC 2007


I am using a SAGEM mobile phone. It is connected to my linux box via Bluetooth
for  file sharing. I've also succeeded in browsing and updating the phone
content with gnokii.

As you can see, connecting the RFCOMM device to the phone can be done on the 6th

~ $ sdptool search --bdaddr 00:12:37:58:xx:xx DUN
Searching for DUN on 00:12:37:58:xx:xx ...
Service Name: Dial-up Networking
Service RecHandle: 0x4f491103
Service Class ID List:
  "Dialup Networking" (0x00001103)
Protocol Descriptor List:
  "L2CAP" (0x00000100)
  "RFCOMM" (0x00000003)
    Channel: 6

Is it possible to change the channel used by gnome-phone-manager when
establishing the connection? I suspect that gnome-phone-manager use the first
channel by default; which won't work with my phone...

~ $ gnome-phone-manager
GTK Accessibility Module initialized
Bonobo accessibility support initialized
** Message: New connection device is 00:12:37:58:xx:xx
** Message: Connecting...
** Message: Status 1
** Message: Making serial port connection
Can't connect: Connexion refusée

** (gnome-phone-manager:13643): WARNING **: gn_gsm_initialise: Command failed
** Message: Failed connection to device on 00:12:37:58:xx:xx
** Message: Exiting connect thread

By the way, it seems that gnome-phone-manager is not reading
/etc/bluetooth/rfcomm? Am I right?

Thanks for your help.

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