[gnome-bluetooth] Connect with gnome-phone-manager

Bastien Nocera hadess at hadess.net
Mon Oct 1 11:19:27 BST 2007

Hey Jacob,

On Sun, 2007-09-30 at 16:07 +0200, Jacob Emcken wrote:
> Hi.
> I have tried connecting my Nokia N73 with gonme-phone-manager through
> bluetooth. I have paired the two devices successfully. But I cant see
> a reason why gnome-phone-manager tries to connect to the phone
> forever. This is how it looks when I start it from a terminal:
> Anyone know how I can debug this further or if my phone just isn't supported.
> I have no problems transfering files via bluetooth both ways.

I'm not sure where exactly the connection is hanging, but the output of
"gnokii --identify" with debug enabled would help.

I've updated the FAQ with details on how to get the debug output:

The N73 uses Symbian/Series 60 software, which probably doesn't work
without gnapplet, but we shouldn't hang trying to connect to it.


Bastien Nocera <hadess at hadess.net> 

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