[gnome-bluetooth] Gnome-obex-server "Transfer Received" Dialogue

Bastien Nocera hadess at hadess.net
Fri Jan 11 17:38:00 GMT 2008

On Thu, 2008-01-03 at 03:02 -0500, Gal Topper wrote:
> When using gnome-obex-server 0.9.1, a dialogue pops-up for every file
> that is received. This can be incredibly annoying in many use cases.
> For example, trying to send a batch of photos taken with a camera
> phone involves clicking "close" N times, once per photo sent. 
> Is there a UI reasoning to justify this behaviour? Wouldn't it be
> better to pop-up nothing at all, or to pop-up a cumulative dialogue
> once the connection as been idle for a second (when all files have
> been sent)? 
> KDE uses a single window that allows the user to save all files
> received at the same time, and doesn't force itself into the user's
> attention.
> I guess what I really want to know is whether this is by design, or
> are patches welcome to change this behaviour. 

This is bug:

I have no plans on working on this, as bluez-gnome should hopefully soon
grow those parts (using the D-Bus service from OpenObex), with new code
for the UI.

I added a work-around in the bug as well.


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