[phpxmlrpc] new to phpxmlrpc

Sam tuba at infotel.it
Wed Dec 17 09:33:04 GMT 2003

I read all that How-To, and the code I wrote is the same of that page. The 
only difference is that I have to use a struct for the parameters (maybe 
this is the problem? is my struct correct?).
I did not care about the server yet, because I am trying to use a service 
provided by an external one, am I doing wrong?
Can you tell me somthing more about the error I get?

Thank you

At 09.51 17/12/03 +0100, you wrote:
>Hi Sam, looks here for a simple client example:
>And here, for its server example:
>>Hi everybody,
>>I am new to phpxmlrpc. I downloaded the xmlrpc class and tried to use it.
>>After lots of tries, I keep on getting this error:
>>Fatal error: Cannot redeclare xmlrpc_decode() in /.../xmlrpc.inc on line 1380
>>I can get out of this, can anyone help me?
>>I am working with a very simple script like this:
>>$client=new xmlrpc_client("path", "server", 80);
>>$par1=new xmlrpcval(array(
>>"first_param" => new xmlrpcval("first_value", "string"),
>>"second_param" => new xmlrpcval("second_value", "string")), "struct");
>>$f=new xmlrpcmsg("method",$par);
>>Thank you in advance
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