[phpxmlrpc] new to phpxmlrpc

Sam tuba at infotel.it
Thu Dec 18 08:53:18 GMT 2003

Hi Jeff!

>Are you sure that you are not including or requiring the xmlrpc.inc
>file _twice_?


>Are you sure that you are _not_ including the xmlrps.inc
>file in your client?


>The xmlrpc.inc file is used for the client; the xmlrpcs.inc file
>is used for the server.
>Can you post your entire client test program here?

Here is the client. I am just trying to connect to the server.
$client=new xmlrpc_client("path", "host", 80);
$p1=new xmlrpc_val("first_value",$xmlrpcString);
$p2=new xmlrpc_val("second_value",$xmlrpcString);
$par1=new xmlrpc_val(array("first_value_name" => $p1, "second_value_name" 
=> $p2), $xmlrpcStruct);
$f=new xmlrpcmsg("method",array($par1));

>Don't give up; XML-RPC is easy and fun once you get past the
>initial hurdles.

I see it is not complicated, that's why I'm getting insane :-)


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