[phpxmlrpc] getting results from server ok but!

Jeff Barr jeff at vertexdev.com
Fri Dec 19 14:13:44 GMT 2003

Obantec Support wrote:

> i have put together a php script to access a whois server that uses xml.
> now i used their guides to send correct format of message but am lost as to
> how to use the response.

You need to take the results apart using functions such as value,
scalarval, and structmem. If your function returned a single
value you would do something like this:

   $Val       = $result->value();
   $ScalarVal = $Val->scalarval();

If it returned a structure with name and age members:

   $Val     = $result->value();
   $NameVal = $Val->structmem("name");
   $AgeVal  = $Val->structmem("age");
   $Name    = $NameVal->scalarval();
   $Age     = $AgeVal->scalarval();

Make sense?


> is there some function that parses the xml so i can access results.
> currently i am dumping to screen using
> $result = $client->send($message);// send request
> // error handler in here
> print_r(get_object_vars($result)); // show result to screen
> (i am new to both php and xml but have programmed in perl).
> Sorry if question is a bit OT, i was going to ask how to get results from
> server but googled my way thru my problems.
> Mark
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