[redland-dev] Redland and Raptor packaging

Dave Beckett dave.beckett at bristol.ac.uk
Mon Sep 15 15:49:18 BST 2003

I've been doing some recent packaging work for Redland and Raptor and
not mentioned it here, so I thought I better give a quick summary.

Redland and related packages such as Raptor (and anything else that
comes along) have always been available in source tarball (tar.gz)
and always will be.  I've also provided RPM binary packages for x86
Linux with each of the release announcements.  All of these are on
the main redland site as well as sourceforge (as a mirror/backup).

I've also done some recent packaging that I'll summarise in the list
of packages below.  I might turn the list below into some website


                  Redland and Raptor Packaging

Source packages

The original and best :)  Tarballs and SRPMS (Source RPMs) at:
as well as at the SourceForge mirror

Redhat GNU/Linux (version 9) binary packages

Always available from with each release.  Currently packaged at
http://www.redland.opensource.ac.uk/dist/binaries/ are:
  Raptor  1.0.0 and 0.9.12
  Redland 0.9.12
as well as at the SourceForge mirror

Debian GNU/Linux (sid/unstable) binary packages

As of 2003-09-11 *NEW*, both raptor and redland are in the main Debian
GNU/Linux binary builds and archives

Raptor 0.9.11: http://www.redland.opensource.ac.uk/raptor/
  libraptor0       The main Raptor library
  libraptor0-dev   Development files, C .h headers for libraptor0

Redland 0.9.13: http://packages.qa.debian.org/r/redland.html
  librdf0          The main Redland library (requires libraptor0)
  librdf0-dev      Development files, C .h headers for librdf0

and the following language interfaces, which all require librdf0 and libraptor0
  librdf-perl      Perl 5.8
  librdf-ruby      Ruby 1.8
  python2.2-librdf Python 2.2 
  python2.3-librdf Python 2.3

Redland 0.9.13 is at present available as a binary package for 
  arm ia64 hppa s390 alpha sparc m68k mipsel
but not powerpc which has a broken build machine.
Raptor 0.9.11-3 is available for all of the above architectures.

In addition to the packages in the Debian archives, I also have newer
versions that haven't entered available from the main Redland site at
which you can add to your /etc/apt/sources.list using the
instructions in the README in that directory.

At present there are versions of
    libraptor0 0.9.12-4
    libraptor1 1.0.0-5

    librdf0 0.9.12-4

Perl CPAN source packages

As of 2003-09-07 *NEW*, Redland is available to build and install
inside the Perl CPAN system as module RDF::Redland (registered
with the CPAN module list).

    (first package attempt of Redland 0.9.14)


  and of course, from the CPAN shell with 'install RDF::Redland'

There are also older 0.9.13 builds but I will likely delete them.

FreeBSD source build configuration

Redland and Raptor are in the FreeBSD (maybe other *BSD) ports as
textproc/redland and textproc/raptor

  Redland 0.9.13

  Raptor 0.9.12

You can use the usual CVSup methods to update and compile these from
the sources.

Gentoo Linux source build configuration

  Raptor 0.9.8

As you can see, rather old.

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