[xml-h] getting started

Bill Brown Bill.Brown@desertschools.org
Fri Jan 17 18:12:05 GMT 2003

Neat presentation. Thanks for the link.

I think that XML with server-side XSLT is probably the most fruitful to
make XML "something ordinary and accessible." Reliance on client-side
technologies to handle XML is a sketchy solution since browsers are all
over the map with XML support. I honestly don't know enough about XSLT
to know how to implement it, but I know enough about the idea behind it
to recognize its utility.

Plus, my server-side environment of choice--ColdFusion--finally has some
native XML and XSLT facilities that should improve performance.


: -----Original Message-----
: From: Simon St.Laurent
: Sent: 1/17/03 10:19 AM
: Subject: RE: [xml-h] getting started
: I gave a presentation a little while back that might address=20
: some of that, but it's really only a very rough outline and=20
: is likely too
: XML-centric:
: http://simonstl.com/articles/web2xml/webapp.html
: I'm hoping this list will bring hypertext in XML from being=20
: something obscure and impenetrable to something ordinary and=20
: accessible.  I think I prefer the perspective you've brought=20
: in this message to the "advanced topics" option, though it'll=20
: probably be a mix of both.

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