[xml-h] How semantic are links?

Joe Gregorio joe@bitworking.org
Fri, 17 Jan 2003 16:06:43 -0500

Norman Walsh wrote:
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> Say you've got this small set of schemas for your content. This is the
> web, you've probably got links between different pages and different
> sections of individual pages.
> You've probably also got some stylesheets. I expect the blog pages and
> the vacation pictures, and the technical white papers are presented a
> little differently. Being a good web citizen, you're probably doing it
> with CSS.
> Ok, now the question is, in your mind, are the links in your documents
> more like elements and attributes, things that are "baked in"
> semantics, or are they more like style?
> There's two approaches you could take here. You could have a little link
> vocabulary say:
>   <a href="somelinktarget">
> and you could use that in each of your schemas. Or you could use different
> elements for linking in each of your schemas:
>   <a href="somelinktarget">
>   <ulink url="someotherlinktarget">
>   <bibref ref="yetanotherlinktarget">

Just look at HTML with <a href="">, <img src=""> and <object data=""> 
and it's already a mess. Looking at a mess like that is one
of the reasons I like SkunkLink so much.
I would love to see xml:href and xml:src used in XHTML 2.0 and XML.
A clean simple linking mechanism that worked across both.