[xml-h] what would you like?

Gavin Thomas Nicol gtn@rbii.com
Sat Jan 18 14:43:20 GMT 2003

On Saturday 18 January 2003 06:12 am, Nico van de Water wrote:
> To answer the question "What would you like?", I would like to rephrase
> that in "What do I want to do?". My single answer is that I am searchin=
> for a way to not only structure the material I work with (terminology,
> multilingual glossaries, documentation, on-line Help, etc.), but also t=
o be
> able to a) share this information (after all, I write documentation in
> various formats to enlighten the reader), and b) present it in various
> formats and on different 'platforms' (hard-copy print, internet and
> intranets, between computer systems and users, etc.).=20

Hello Nico,
  a couple of questions about the above: have you used systems like TM2? =
you aware that LISA and some other groups are working on DTD's to help wi=

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