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Nico van de Water nicovdwater@planet.nl
Sun Jan 19 10:12:15 GMT 2003

Hi Simon and list members,

Thanks for your reply and advice. It is a bit of a relief that at least one
list member is not entirely put off by my -- perhaps naïve -- posting
(spelling mistake and all).

With respect to your comment:
"Here I start to get frightened, as CMS discussions can easily become
infinite, and extremely particular to a given CMS implementation (or
even version).  General discussions of how hypertext and CMS systems fit
together makes a lot of sense, but let's try not to dive into CMS
choices or configuration that deeply.

Does that sound reasonable?", the following:

In hindsight I realize that bringing up the subject of CMS, I was a bit out
of line, so to speak. My apologies for that. It only goes to show that in
searching for solutions within 'my' X world it is a bit difficult to stay
within certain parameters (that is, stop at certain boundaries). With my
linmited knowledge of both databases and CMSs, I always associate both
phenomena with one thing being related to (or being pulled from) another.
Furthermore, in an XML environment, I envisage such relations or links in
the form of Xlink or Xpath expressions; in my view, this also holds true for
terminology-related solutions, whereby an XML-based repository is searched
through an XSLT stylesheet and presented in XHTML format. Hence my notion
that CMS solutions and hypertext are not that far removed from one another.
Again, maybe I am wrong here, but then again, someone from this list could
enlighten me...

And yes, it does sound reasonable. I am still at the stage where concrete
applications ans solutions appeal more to me than endless, almost
theoretical discussions about versions, implementations and the like,
interesting and beneficial these may be for the more advanced members of
this and other forums.

With best regards,


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