[xml-h] 1-to-many HTML links, prototyped

Dave Pawson davep at dpawson.co.uk
Mon Jan 20 17:50:36 GMT 2003

At 15:18 19/01/2003 -0500, Simon St.Laurent wrote:
>bobdc at snee.com (Bob DuCharme) writes:
> >If you go to http://www.snee.com/xml/linking/1toMdemo.xml you should
> >see a page where the green links are 1-to-many links. A View Source
> >will show that the file is basic XHMTL, except that the green links
> >are marked up as nested 'a' links.
>That's beautiful, just beautiful.

<grin/>OK, I'll admit its pretty neat!
When do I get my pop out class of menus then?

Level one has the title
    Level two has three levels of info about the link
     (E.g. its off site, damnably complex, and written by Bob/Simon/Norm)
     Level 3 provides its encoding

Or whatever else the author wants to say about the targets.

regards DaveP

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