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Bob DuCharme bobdc at snee.com
Mon Jan 20 20:56:18 GMT 2003

At 1/20/03 05:47 PM, Dave Pawson wrote:
>At 15:01 19/01/2003 -0500, Bob DuCharme wrote:
>>The big (and vague) question is, if typing lets you specify processing 
>>for a class of links, how do people want to classify links?
>With my author hat on, I don't want to classify them.
>I want for link a:
>     A 3 deep pop-out-type of link
>   for link b
>     A simple blue underlined style of link.
>I.e. the author doesn't need to classify them,
>he/she wants them to do A, B C dependent on his/her view of the link.

If your document is only going to have those two links, then you wouldn't 
need typing. A document with hundreds of links, or a collection of 
documents that act as a single body of information and have thousands of 
links in them, need some way to let document designers deal with the 
configuration of link appearance/behavior on that scale.

My term "document designers" is deliberately vague--it could to anyone in a 
team of one or more content authors, programmers, visual designers, UI 
specialists...  We want this to work for legal reference works and the OED 
in addition to personalized blogs.

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