[xml-h] LInking Theory (was: How semantic are links?)

Bob DuCharme bobdc at snee.com
Mon Jan 20 21:27:15 GMT 2003

At 1/19/03 10:45 PM, Ian Hickson wrote:
>I haven't studied linking theory,
>or any other theory for that matter (I studied Physics).

Ian's use of the term "Linking Theory" made me wonder where to look for 
resources that could qualify as such. I looked for the ACM's SIGLINK (I was 
a member, years ago), and they renamed it SIGWEB (see 
http://www.acm.org/siglink/). The table of contents of the various 
proceedings, which end on their (ironically crude) web page at 2000, look 
like they have some interesting ideas kicking around.

Are there any subscribers to xml-hypertext who are SIGWEB members or who've 
been keeping an eye on SIGWEB activity? Can you sum up  any interesting 
theoretical and/or practical work that you've seen come out of there 
lately, or trends in issues that they've considered worth pursuing?

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