[xml-h] RSS as transferable hypertext

Dave Pawson davep at dpawson.co.uk
Fri Jan 24 17:55:24 GMT 2003

At 11:33 24/01/2003 -0500, ed nixon wrote:

>The most disturbing thing to me is the seeming acceptance/acquiescence 
>that RSS is not even well-formed XML. Realistic? I guess, but perhaps 
>there needs to be a wasp-like effort made on behalf of a more consistent 
>and robust RSS?

Isn't this a 'survival of the fittest' debate Ed?
(UK experience wrt betamax vs VHS?) video format wars style?

I'd guess one way, you another, only time will tell.
I.e. no politics or big business has (as yet) got in the way?

(I was going to say that Simon and I would agree this is the right way to 
do it...
but since he and I have talked past each other so much off list, I'll 
refrain :-)

regards DaveP

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