[xml-h] morphing links.

drhent at softhome.net drhent at softhome.net
Tue Jan 28 18:09:56 GMT 2003

An interesting concept in links that I have had to deal with in Genealogy is 
the morphing of the link. 

an example would be a parent child link. 

Child can have 3 states depending on the knowledge of the sex (more if you 
take localization into account but we won't here) 

with the a ref link of HTML days you would just point the link in and only 
account for the child.  But it would be nice to have links that are smarter 
than that.  that can take on attributes or know where to look for attributes 
which can influence the lable that is shown. 

That is where I believe that link bases can accomedate more than inline 
links can.  Of course this is for a more dynamic page. 

But back to the case at hand.
A child could have a Son, Daughter, child link for the unknown sex child.
But more importantly is a bi directional link. IOW it links two people 
together. that have different relationships. 

from the parent to the child is the Son, daughter etc relationship, from the 
child to parent it is the mother or father or parent relationship. 

I'd be interested in seeing that handled in a link language that allows for 
the bidirectional link.  With link being smart enough to account for the 
direction of the link.  :) 

Douglas  not a link expert:)  and havn't played with this in a few years.

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