[xml-h] Linkbases and "Document Enrichment"

Nik Barron Nik.Barron at pennantplc.co.uk
Wed Jan 29 16:57:40 GMT 2003

> A twist on this is where the link base and document are authored 
> independently. The document can then go through an "enrichment" 
> process to tie it into the link base, allowing the reader to navigate 
> to more resources than were originally specified in the document.

This is also attractive from a commercial perspective; it may be possible to
charge for particular linkbases (or access to parts of them). A simple
example would be a dictionary of terms (or maybe the Jargon File ;). Of
course in such a richly-populated linkbase you would need to be careful
about how the links are presented to the user, most likely on an
as-requested basis (e.g. "What does this word mean?").

Another advantage of linkbases is the ability to link into documents that
you cannot modify, perhaps for legal reasons or purely technical (e.g.
they're on CDROM).

> p.s. stable linking in general is a bit of a hot topic in the STM area, 

Thanks for the links; not done much in the STM world for a few years so it's
nice to catch up!


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