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I can supply a document that has most of the tags from a Transfer prospective

They have split the <fathhusb> and <mothwife> elements out. which leads to
some issues especially in a family history type of instance.

Gedcom originally had the round trip link inline.
FAMC and FAMS to tie together the family group.

My point of view is that it would be better to have this file with a linkbase or
in context links that take on Roles. Unfortantly GEDCOM must support older
data modules where Roles are not easily handled.

An individual for example has several bits of information. Some are relational
bits.  parent to child, and husband to wife, (in the traditional sense)

It gets more interesting when you throw in Legal and blood relatioships in the
platform.  Or start dealing with localization issues.

So I view it more at this way.

there is a Parent Child relationship.  the parent label relys on the sex
attribute of
of the individual that is a parent.  The child label is the same way. it relies
on the
sex attribute of the child.  Be it son Daughter or child.  by seperating the
lable this
way. it allows for Localization of lables. and the link is robust to handle both
Legal (Adopted, Step, God parentages as well as blood)

I will have to think out a good Element representation of this. I haven't played
the html links in a very long time, but I know it was an issue.

The issues I would like to see is that the link is controlled by the data or
with the individual data information (sex etc)


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> >Child can have 3 states depending on the knowledge of the sex...
> Douglas,
> Could you type out a few XML elements to show us examples of some of these
> genealogy elements and the kinds of linking and/or link typing you'd like
> to see, using any element and attribute names you like?
> These kind of boundary-pushing use cases are the best input of all.
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