[xml-h] backlinking code, sort of

Bob DuCharme bobdc at snee.com
Wed Mar 5 23:25:53 GMT 2003

I just figured out a neat trick. You know how a key complaint of Old 
Hypertext Guys about the web is that the links should be bidirectional? 
Of course, two pairs of <a href="" name=""></a> elements would do it, 
but here's a sort-of 1-to-many indirect backlink: paste the following 
onto a page that you know is the destination of some links:

href="javascript:window.location='http://www.google.com/search?as_lq=' + 

It triggers a Google search for pages that link to the page with that 
link. I was hoping to add some parameter equivalent of their "I'm 
Feeling Lucky" option so that clicking the link would take you directly 
to the top Google-ranked page links to the page with the above a 
element, but couldn't figure it out. I did, though, find this cool 
reference to Google parameters: 

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