[doap-interest] domain of doap:module

Benjamin Nowack bnowack at appmosphere.com
Thu Jul 22 19:46:38 BST 2004

On 22.07.2004 14:26:40, Dan Brickley wrote:
>* Benjamin Nowack [2004-07-22 20:11+0200]
>> Hi,
>> here is fix for the multi-domain description of doap:module:
>(a fix not because multiple domains are inherently broken, but because
>they didn't match the intended meaning for this property, right?)
yes, sorry, I was a bit context-less..

>Are these the only kinds of Repository we'd ever expect to see
>doap:module applied to? If not, maybe a looser construct, perhaps via a
>the common superclass "Repository"? Then we could just say 
>that doap:module has an rdfs:domain of doap:Repository, and allow
>subclasses of that to evolve over time?
that's what I thought, too, so that owl stuff could be skipped.
edd said there are repositories that don't have modules, though.

We could also use Repository as domain and add cardinality 
restrictions to non-module Repos if the majority of repos usually
had a module concept, but I actually don't know which version is
more elegant or makes more sense..


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