[doap-interest] [ANN] DOAP (Description of a Project) Vocabulary

Edd Dumbill edd at usefulinc.com
Thu Jul 22 23:39:34 BST 2004

[This is a more a heads-up to find interested parties rather than
announcing a finished product.  I'm especially looking for people who
want their favourite programming language to have DOAP support.  See the
DOAOP home page, link below, for more information.]

DOAP (Description of a Project) Vocabulary

DOAP is a project to create an XML/RDF vocabulary to describe open
source projects.

Initial goals include:

    * Internationalizable description of a software project and its
      associated resources, including participants and Web resources

    * Basic tools to enable the easy creation and consumption of such

    * Interoperability with other popular Web metadata
      projects (RSS, FOAF, Dublin Core)

    * The ability to extend the vocabulary for specialist purposes

I am working towards a beta release of tools and documentation for
the vocabulary, and now want to raise awareness so potential
contributors can get involved.  The project has a mailing list,
linked from the home page.


-- Edd

Edd Dumbill
Editor at Large, O'Reilly Network
Chair, XML Europe

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