[doap-interest] doap:revision, sorting and version number notations

balbinus balbinus at bonjourlesmouettes.org
Fri Jul 23 10:40:52 BST 2004


> > Use case: "Find me the latest version of ..."
> What about a doap:latestVersion property that points to the latest in
> the same way that many software distros keep a latest pointer to the
> latest release?
According to "Describe open source projects with XML part III"
doap:version's have to be current versions (with, if necessary, different
branches): "Although [...] the tracking of each project release is not part
of the first phase of DOAP, you still a need to describe current releases of
software projects".
> This sidesteps problems with projects altering their version numbering
> and with project that use dotted triplets or quada (e.g. v 1.9.3 is an
> earlier release than v 1.15.1 but a sort wouldn't pick that out)
To solve this problem, it could be an idea to create new elements /
attributes: doap:versionNumberMajor, doap:version#Minor, etc... But that
would be really... heavy.

Furthermore, a parser could explode such a version number (1.15.1) using the
dots, and think according to it: if the leftmost number of the version a is
greater than the leftmost number of the version b, then... etc.

Another problem will be with alphas, betas and release candidates (a, b,
rc)... Still the problem of standardization.

Vincent TABARD

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