[doap-interest] doap:revision,sorting and version number notations

Edd Dumbill edd at usefulinc.com
Fri Jul 23 12:54:58 BST 2004

On Fri, 2004-07-23 at 11:40 +0200, balbinus wrote:
> According to "Describe open source projects with XML part III"
> (<http://www-106.ibm.com/developerworks/xml/library/x-osproj3/>),
> doap:version's have to be current versions (with, if necessary,
> different
> branches): "Although [...] the tracking of each project release is not
> part
> of the first phase of DOAP, you still a need to describe current
> releases of
> software projects".

Yep, that's the intention.  I deliberately made it this simple.  The
reason for this is that if you're going to start describing each release
in any more detail, there's actually a lot more you want to say, such as
ChangeLogs, NEWS files and so on that would clutter up the DOAP file

I've not yet decided what the best course of action is: whether to have
another rdf file per release, or to make a changelog.rdf file that just
grows and grows, and maybe conforms to RSS 1.0 so people can subscribe
to it in feedreaders.

-- Edd

Also note that the style for DOAP is not propertiesLikeThis but
properties-like-this.  Apparently some N3 processors have difficulties
with it, but they need fixing as these are perfectly acceptable names
within the RDF spec as far as I can tell.  Turtle copes OK with them.

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