[doap-interest] OneBigSoup DOAP entry

Lion Kimbro lion at speakeasy.org
Wed Jul 28 08:06:05 BST 2004

  I've written up a DOAP entry for OneBigSoup, and linked it
  from our project page, if anyone is interested in trying out
  the Mozilla extension:


  The DOAP entry itself is:


  I wish I were able to kill the old cache entry,
  because http://mouettes.balbinus.net/doap-viewer.php
  seems to be stuck on an older version of the page.

  People here may also be interested in another idea-


  In particular, on that page is a mock-up drawing of what
  a ProjectSpaceNetwork browser could look like:


  To make DOAP able to maintain some sort of "project space,"
  the vocabulary would have to let you connect projects.
  Let you say "this project is associated with this other
  project," or something like that.

  Take care,
    Lion =^_^=

http://speakeasy.org/~lion/   LionKimbro at jabber.org   Seattle, WA

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