[gnome-bluetooth] phonemgr - sending message leaves t610 unable to send anymore.

garrick at intology.com.au garrick at intology.com.au
Fri Aug 8 14:22:57 BST 2003

Yeah baby YEAH!!!
I've figured out what the problem is. Basically phonemgr is connecting
to the wrong channel. I setup phonemgr to talk to a rfcomm device that I
previouly bound.
i.e. rfcomm bind /dev/bluetooth/rfcomm/1 00:0A:D9:55:93:0B 4
I then set phonemgr to use other for it's device type. I set this to
/dev/bluetooth/rfcomm/1. It then worked, allowing me to send and recieve
sms messages perfectly.
I'll look more closely into this problem. If I can't find a solution at
least it'll give someone like Ed, an idea of what the problem I'm having
with the T610 is caused by.


Garrick Welsh
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