[gnome-bluetooth] gnome bluetooth and sony ericsson T610

Cam camilo at mesias.co.uk
Sun Aug 31 23:17:39 BST 2003


another experience with RedHat and Sony Ericsson T610.

I have RedHat 9, I had some libtool related problems compiling lbbtctl 
and gnome-bluetooth but solved that with a symlink or two. It might not 
have helped that I had an old obex installed in /usr/local. I was also 
missing the libbluetooth.la from bluez-devel, I rebuilt bluez from 
sources and copied the file over manually.

I found the problem where you see:

   Couldn't get instance of BT Manager

And reconfigured with:

   ./configure --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc

Which did solve the problem.

Now gnome-bluetooth-admin runs, and nautilus shows my phone in bluetooth:///

I have been able to transfer a file when initiated from the phone, the 
gnome-obex-server throbs and the file appears in my home directory. I 
wonder if a transferred file history that pops up in a dialog might be a 
nice feature enhancement?

So far I haven't been able to transfer files using nautilus. The phone 
appears, but when I double-click on it, nothing happens. Am I missing 
something? Will the phone's contents appear as a filesystem or can I 
just drag files to the phone but not retrieve them?

Here are the phone's services as shown in gnome-bluetooth-admin:

1101 serial port
1103 dialup networking
111b ??????????
1104 IrMCSync
1105 OBEX Object Push
1201 generic networking
1106 OBEX File Transfer
1203 Generic Audio
111f ?????????????
1112 Headset Audio Gateway

If I click properties on the phone (in nautilus) it says it is:

Type: application launcher
Size: ...
MIME type: application/x-gnome-app-info

A few more clicks locked Nautilus up, and I had to kill it.

Any ideas on how to debug this, or better support the T610 (or do I have 
    unrealistic expectations?). I don't mind testing stuff and tweaking 
code a little if necessary.

Oh, and a big thanks for all the code so far :) It's looking good.


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