[gnome-bluetooth] PIN issue with Microsoft Mouse

t39m at advalvas.be t39m at advalvas.be
Sat Dec 6 14:47:39 GMT 2003

Marcel Holtmann wrote:
> Hi,
>>I have purchased a Microsoft Mouse (Bluetooth) last month and I have 
>>some difficulty to get it working in Fedora Core 1. I know that 
>>Bluetooth is installed correctly because I can exchange data with my 
>>Ericsson T39m. Here is a list of devices displayed when doing `hcitool 
>>Scanning ...
>>         00:50:F2:E3:07:F1       Microsoft Mouse
>>         00:80:37:FE:4D:8D       Ericsson T39m
>>When I do `sdptool browse 00:50:F2:E3:07:F1', a window entitled 
>>Bluetooth PIN Code appears and I have no idea what to type in. When I 
>>leave the PIN entry field empty and click Accept, the following error 
>>message is displayed in the terminal:
> I think you have auth and/or encrypt activated. Check this with
> hciconfig and disable them. A HID mouse doesn't support authentication
> nor it supports encryption.
> Regards
> Marcel

Hi Marcel,

You're right on. I disabled auth en encrypt in /etc/bluetooth/hcid.conf 
and then ran `service bluetooth restart'. After this, the device works 
perfectly. Many thanks!


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