[gnome-bluetooth] Channel ?

Benoît Clouet b.clouet at free.fr
Fri Apr 2 20:56:16 BST 2004


does anybody know how to tell to gnome-obex-send to use a particular
channel ?

My Tungsten T3 does only deals with channel 3 :
$ sdptool search OPUSH
Inquiring ...
Searching for OPUSH on 00:07:E0:32:0B:84 ...
Service Name: OBEX Object Push
Service RecHandle: 0x10003
Service Class ID List:
  "OBEX Object Push" (0x1105)
Protocol Descriptor List:
  "L2CAP" (0x0100)
  "RFCOMM" (0x0003)
    Channel: 3
  "OBEX" (0x0008)
Language Base Attr List:
  code_ISO639: 0x656e
  encoding:    0x8cc
  base_offset: 0x100

Any clue ?

Benoît Clouet <b.clouet at free.fr>

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