[gnome-bluetooth] Bug report / Comments

Ilari Kontinen ilari.kontinen at hut.fi
Fri Apr 16 14:19:27 BST 2004

Hello Edd,

I've been using gnome-bluetooth for three weeks now, and everything has 
been working just great. Thanks to you. However, I had to reinstall my 
laptop, and while installing gnome-bluetooth there was some difficulties 
to get it work. I hope these comments are useful.

1. libsdp was not found when configuring libbtctl-0.3 and 
gnome-bluetooth-0.4.1. I had to use --disable-sdptest to configure them.

2. gnome-bluetooth would not compile with gnome-2.6. I know 
gnome-bluetooth is not (yet) compatible with gnome-2.6, and was able to 
get it work with Harald's patch and perl-script.

But when I got gnome-bluetooth installed, it works great.

My Linux distribution is Slackware 9.1 with Dropline Gnome 2.6.
I am using bluez-utils-2.6, bluez-lib-2.6 and bluez-sdp-1.5.

The errors are weird, because last time the only differences were, that 
I had Dropline Gnome 2.4 and versions 2.5 of bluez-utils and -libs. If 
someone knows, why gnome-bluetooth was not able to find libsdp, please 
tell me.


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