[gnome-bluetooth] Couldn't get instance of BT

Fabio Borsoi fabio.borsoi at vodafone.it
Sat Apr 17 10:53:03 BST 2004

I wont to thanks KEv


Finally got this working!

Looking at the command line parameters for bonobo-activation-server I
saw that one of them tells it where to look for .server files - doing a
"find" for .server files I found that all my .server files were in
/opt/gnome2/lib/bonobo/servers *except* for
GNOME_Bluetooth_Manager.server, which was in
/usr/local/lib/bonobo/servers.  Copying it to the gnome2.... directory
and restarting bonobo-activation-server did the trick.

Is this because I missed out some parameter to ./configure for


This solution solve my problem!
I think is possible to fix when we do "make install"

Thanks for all

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