[gnome-bluetooth] Re: Bluetooth mobile phones supported by GNOME and Debian GNU/Linux? (Added note)

Matt Kay matt at sel.cam.ac.uk
Fri Aug 27 14:19:15 BST 2004

> I am currently thinking about buying a new `third generation` mobile
> phone which offers bluetooth connectivity compatible to my Debian
> GNU/Linux based Apple iBook (2001).

Consider the Sony Ericsson mid-range phones, like the T610 and Z600 (and 
probably the new K-series). gnome-bluetooth and synchronisation with 
multisync work perfectly. I have a P900 which works perfectly with 
gnome-bluetooth, but I have not been able to get multisync to work, 
although I should probably give edd's syncML howto another go at some 

AFAIK, the Nokia bluetooth phones should also work fine sending and 
receiving files over bluetooth.

Note that if your iBook is a G3 then you will need to buy an external 
bluetooth module. The D-Link DBT-120 works for me on an iBook running 

Hope that helps,
Matt (on-list)

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