[gnome-bluetooth] Edd's weblog entry on syncML sync

Matt Kay matt at sel.cam.ac.uk
Fri Aug 27 14:22:47 BST 2004

Thanks Tom for the reply about the OBEX send GUI, that works for me.

I was wondering if someone could clarify for me how to carry out the 
following step in Edd's howto of getting a P800/P900 to do syncML over 

# Configure IP addresses and DNS properly. I have PC_ADDR= 
and P800_ADDR=  and DNS_SERVER set to my local DNS server. 
The DNS server should have an entry for the host wsockhost.mrouter which 
is the same as PC_ADDR. If your DNS server isn't the same machine as 
PC_ADDR be sure to put in a route so it can route back to the network (or whichever network you choose.)

Specifically, do I have to have any special packages installed, and what 
configuration file do I put these entries in? (In other words, could I 
have it in words of one syllable? :-) )

The orignial webpage is here:


Best wishes,
Matt (on-list)

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