[gnome-bluetooth] Cannot send files from phone to the computer (gnome-obex-server)

Jacob Emcken jacob at emcken.dk
Sun Aug 29 19:01:06 BST 2004


I have a IBM X40 laptop with Debian Sarge (mostly, i have a few packages 
from unstable). I have installed the Debian packages from:
usefulinc.com unofficial Debian repository

I have a one way communication problem with both gnome-obex-server and 
the phone-manager.

Problem 1 - gnome-obex-server
I start the gnome-obex-server from the GNOME menu, Applications -> 
System Tools -> Bluetooth File Sharing.
An icon shows in 'The Notification Area'.

Now I try to send a file from my phone (Nokia 6230) but it tells me that 
'No devices found' (to send file to). Though I have no problems pairing 
my laptop with the phone, but when sending files the computer isn't listed.

The other way around works just fine I can find my phone from the 
Bluetooth manager and I can send files to it with 'Send via bluetooth'.

Problem 2 - Phone-manager
I can connect to my phone and send SMS's from the notification icon. But 
when I recieve a SMS the program crashes.

I dunno if I have configured something wrong or how to further debug the 
problem. Can anyone help me where to look next?

--Jacob Emcken

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