[gnome-bluetooth] T610 not connecting properly

Matt Morten mattjmorten at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 21 06:19:18 PST 2004

Hi all,
Firstly, great job on the software - I cant wait to get it working properly.

When I turn on my phone, Gnome-Phone-Manager see's it and tries to connect. 
On the screen of my phone, I get the message: "BlueZ (0)  Add to My 
Devices?". I press "yes".

The phone asks me for a passkey, which i enter "1234". Then the computer 
asks me for a "pincode", which i enter "1234".

The phone displays "BlueZ (0) Added to My Devices".

Finally, the phone displays an icon which indicates that it has an open 
connection with the PC. However, Gnome-Phone-Manager displays the "Not 
Connected" icon.

Hence, I am unable to send messages through Gnome-Phone-Manager, nor recieve 
them. On another note - I am unable to scan for devices while im "Connected" 
(or not as the case may be) - im guessing this is because the phone is busy.

Hope this is enough info for you to help me.
Cheers for the help guys,

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