[gnome-bluetooth] Thank you :)

Daniele Primon signup at cheapweb.it
Thu Dec 23 15:07:51 PST 2004

Just dropped a message to report that tonight I've plugged a BT180 Trust 
bluetooth dongle on a debian sarge with a standard 2.6.8 kernel and 
smoothly connected to my Sony Ericsson Z1010 with gnome-phone-manager.
I've enjoyed doing some chat with the SMS feature :)
I've also tested sending a file to the phone trough the nautilus context 
menu. It worked flawlessly :)
 Doing the same when sending from the phone didn't worked - the phone is 
not able to recognize any services on the linux box.
Anyhow keep up the good work! This thingy is very promising :)

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