[gnome-bluetooth] Thank you :)

Edd Dumbill edd at usefulinc.com
Fri Dec 24 05:00:33 PST 2004

On Fri, 2004-12-24 at 12:33 +0100, Jérôme Petazzoni wrote:
> > Have you made sure the class is set to 0x100100
> > in /etc/bluetooth/hcid.conf?	
> That did the trick. Thanks*1000! Should I submit a wishlist bug so that 
> the package installing this file sets a more permissive number here, or 
> at least ask questions about the value of this parameter, or am I just 
> clueless and everyone in the bluetooth communauty knows indeed that you 
> have to change your device class to be able to interoperate with some 
> peripherals ? :-)

Well, it's a tricky one, because there's no point in setting this bit
unless you're going to be running an OBEX server.  Unfortunately, it
requires root permissions to set this bit, and OBEX servers should not
normally be running as root.

I don't personally have the time right now to write a debconf based
script to configure the device class, but on the other hand if somebody
else did I'd be willing to accept the patch into the Debian packages.

One thing I can and probably should do is add a note into bluez-utils'
README.Debian file.

>From the gnome-bluetooth point of view, I should check the bit is set
and warn the user if it isn't.

-- Edd

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