[gnome-bluetooth] My debian could send files to my nokia 6230 but it couldn't receives anything

Emre Kadıoğlu emrek at gawab.com
Thu Dec 30 07:08:11 PST 2004


I bought a Nokia 6230 cell phone. It has bluetooth connection and i have
a bluetooth adaptor working on my debian-2.6.9 i installed the apps
needed. (bluez-utils,bluez-pin , ussp-push , obexserver , sdptool ,
gnome-bluetooth , gammu etc). 
In nautilus, 
i right click to a file and choose the operation send via bluetooth. it
sends the file to my nokia 6230. But in my celular i choose the
operation send via bluetooth;
searching for devices ..... and the it says "No devices Found" 
i've paired my debian on Nokia 6230 in bluetooth menu when i choose pair
a new devices it starts to scan and finds my debian but when sending
something my phone couldn't find anything. So my computer sends files to
my phone but my phone can not send any file to my computer. 

What's my mistake? and What i am supposed to do?

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