[gnome-bluetooth] Problem in sending data from PC to a mobile phone

Oriol Farràs wereoffs at terra.es
Wed Jan 7 17:38:35 GMT 2004

I have the same problem too

# gnome-obex-send --dest 00:0a:28:ae:f9:81 test.jpg
Bonobo accessibility support initialized
GTK Accessibility Module initialized
Atk Accessibilty bridge initialized
** Message: Sending to 00:0a:28:ae:f9:81
** Message: Attempting to connect on channel 8
** Message: Connected OK
Connect failed 0x53!
name=3Dtest.jpg, size=3D12474
Link broken!
Error while doing OBEX_HandleInput()

I have the same mobile phone (motorola v525)

Is this a bluez/motorola v525 problem or a bad hcid configuration?

I can't send files with obex protocol using other software like kde-bluetoo=
th, obextool or ussp-push.

# obextool push test.jpg 00:0a:28:ae:f9:81 8
Sending object ...
Error while handling input.

Oriol Farr=C3=A0s <wereoffs at terra.es>

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