[gnome-bluetooth] gnome-bluetooth and openobex on Red Hat 9

Russel Winder russel at russel.org.uk
Sat Jan 10 11:15:08 GMT 2004


I am trying to set up my Red Hat 9.0 system to have a D-Link  DBT-120
Bluetooth--USB adapter inserted and thence to be able to have my SE P900
phone communicate with the workstation.  Hence trying to install

I am trying to get gnome-bluetooth-0.4.1 in place.  I couldn't find a
ready made RPM (but that may be because I haven't hard enough --
FreshRPMs, DAG then RPMFind none have it) so I am building from the tgz
from the Web site.

libbtctl-0.3 I have compiled and installed.  Whether it works or not I
am not sure as gnome-bluetooth is the "client".

I have completed the closure of all missing libraries and header files
so that configure for gnome-bluetooth completes.  As part of this I
installed DAGs build of openobex-1.0.1.  However there appears to be a
conflict in what this provides and what gnome-bluetooth expects.

gnome-bluetooth assumes /usr/include/openobex/obex.h whereas DAGs
openobex provides /usr/include/obex,h.

Editing all the instances of openobex/obex.h to obex.h seems to lead to
a clean compile.  Whether iot works or not depends on building phonemgr
I guess.

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41 Buckmaster Road       +44 7770 465 077
London SW11 1EN, UK      russel at russel.org.uk

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