[gnome-bluetooth] Something works, for a change

Edd Dumbill edd at usefulinc.com
Sat Jan 10 17:20:12 GMT 2004

The icon should show up in the notification applet.   And as it talks to
the gnome session, you'll find that it runs automatically when you log
back in again.

On Sat, 2004-01-10 at 16:54, Roy M. Silvernail wrote:
> I just finished a complete reinstall of my Gentoo box, and today sat
> down to get Bluetooth up.  Except for a little hassle with bluetooth.o
> creeping back in to snazzle blueZ, it went pretty well.  Drag and drop
> to my phone even works this time around!
> A couple of inconsequential questions:  Why don't I get an icon for
> gnome-obex-server?  It works, but no eye candy (Gnome 2.4)  And where's
> the best place to start the obex server up?  Xsession?
> Thanks for a great package, Edd!
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