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Russel Winder russel at russel.org.uk
Thu Jan 15 08:10:38 GMT 2004

On Mon, 2004-01-12 at 17:44, Edd Dumbill wrote:

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> I've had, and keep having on-and-off, it working OK.  See my notes at 
> http://usefulinc.com/edd/blog/contents/2003/10/19-p800/read

I guess I must be being ignorant / stupid or in need of a more idiots
guide :-(

I am also assuming that P900 is the same as P800 in effect -- perhaps
the Web pages should reflect this?

The first step was to make an rfcomm connection. I wasn't sure what to
do here but found http:// p800.gesel.nu/ which expanded by saying do an
rfcomm bind operation, though it talked about serial-profile port.  I
assume this meant channel, the P900 has the Bluetooth Serial Port on
channel 3 as predicted so I did:

rfcomm bind /dev/rfcomm10 <baddr> 3

The other page had a different ordering of events to your page and
suggested doing the:

sdptool add --channel=3 SP

at this time and I did.  I guess this is not a significant ordering
issue.  However we then come to the TCP/IP bit.  Your notes and the
other page differ on how to use pppd and dund and whilst your page talks
of DNS entries the other does not.  The sticking point for me though is
choosing IP addresses.    I do not use NAT and the private class C
networks for my machines, I have a 16 address class C sub-net with
public addresses.  I know the address for PC_ADDR and I know the address
of my DNS server but what to choose for P900_ADDR?  I am not sure I can
choose a 192.168.X.X address for this and I am not sure I want to use
one of my public addresses!

Also my DNS server is a public master DNS server so I am not sure I
ought to be putting silly micro$oft entries in there.  I am not sure I
want to create a second DNS server just for this entry but I guess I
might have to. 

I guess I am just showing my ignorance of TCP/IP set up on Linux but I
thought I would risk exposing the difficulties I am having in case it
helps anyone else.

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