[gnome-bluetooth] phonemgr monopolizing bluetooth?

Spiros Papadimitriou spapadim+ at cs.cmu.edu
Sat Jan 17 19:29:09 GMT 2004


I just installed gnome-bluetooth and phonemgr yesterday and, other than
having to build (hack?) my own RPMs (RedHat 9), everything was
impressively smooth!!

I can send and receive pictures to/from my T610 and phonemgr works fine!

However, while phonemgr is connected to the phone, no other app that
uses gnome-bluetooth can communicate with the phone; I have to remove
the applet from the panel in order to be able to use OBEX.  However, if
I use multisync (which apparently does not use gnome-bluetooth), IrMC
works fine *with* phonemgr running.

Ideally, gnome-bluetooth should be able to establish multiple
connections (to different services; OBEX push / dialup ?), but as a
quick workaround, a "Stay disconnected" menu option would be useful.

The option would be still useful on its own, as my T610 does not allow
me to turn off Bluetooth  as long as there is an established connection
(and a constant connection is a bit of a battery hog---maybe another
option "connect only to send / no notifications" would be also useful
for this?).

And, while at it, popping up the send dialog when double-clicking the
applet would be handy.

Thanks for a great applet and bluetooth subsystem!!


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