[gnome-bluetooth] Bluetooth Configuration, new prototype

Fredrik Noring noring at nocrew.org
Sun Jan 25 13:17:30 GMT 2004


Attached a prototype patch to show new features in the "GNOME Bluetooth
Device Viewer". I've made it a "Bluetooth Configuration" application and
so there are four sections (of which none is actually working except
"Remote devices"):

   Hardware - Much like the Gnome "Network Configuration" 
      application. Shows Bluetooth hardware devices like

          Status   Device   Nickname   Type
          Active   hci0     BlueZ (0)  USB device

      Editing hci0 may for example provide a "Nickname" 
   Local Services - Selects the services that the computer 
      will provide to other Bluetooth devices. Looks like

          Service Name   Startup   Secure Connection
          File Transfer  Auto      Not required

      Editing the "File Transfer" service may for example
      provide "Exchange folder location" and so on.

   Remote Devices - Much like the current "Device Viewer" 
      except I made the scrollers "automatic" to save space,
      renamed "Scan" to "Search for devices" and removed
      the "Help" and "Close" buttons (moved to the menu). 
      I imagine this section could manage paired devices 
      and so on.

   Security - Sets the "Security manager mode" and "Pairing

There's a toolbar at the top to create, edit and remove items. I think
it might be useful much like the "Network Configuration" application
to manage hardware, local services and remote devices.

I suspect administrative (root) privileges will be required to manage
most of these settings.

What's your thoughts?

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