[gnome-bluetooth] Re: Bluetooth Configuration, new prototype

Edd Dumbill edd at usefulinc.com
Tue Jan 27 01:14:06 GMT 2004

On Tue, 2004-01-27 at 00:56, Fredrik Noring wrote:
> > I think the problem we should be addressing is not "how do we get a GUI
> > for everything hcid.conf offers" but "what is the minimum number of
> > options that the user really needs to configure and what are sensible
> > defaults for the rest".
> Good point and I absolutely agree. However, I'm not yet an expert myself
> on all these settings and what they are used for. Therefore I think we
> will have solve the usability issues as we progress with new versions.
> That is, I think the best is to create an initial version of the utility
> that in some way is useful (propably next to a usability disaster) and
> has basic interaction with system configuration utilities and files such
> as hcid.conf. Then we can improved it.

It may be worth spending some time now in design and thought instead of
just going right ahead.  I can explain what a lot of these options mean
and what they're useful for.

I'm not convinced that getting a disaster and trying to recover is the
best option.

> If you have comments that setting such and such ought to be described
> and handled in a certain way, please tell me.

I'm currently writing a chapter on Bluetooth for an upcoming O'Reilly
book.  I can let you have a draft of this privately, which explains most
of the configuration file details.  I should have finished the chapter
by the weekend.

> > It's sort-of like that.  The work I'm doing at the moment is the
> > low-level C class for handling the protocol in applications.  I'll
> > rework the gnome-obex-server from CVS to use that shortly.  There'll be
> > a per-user pref with two options: Enable, and Download Directory.  
> As an extra option for the "Download Directory", what about showing a
> pop-up window asking the user to confirm a download?

Yes, planning to do this.

>  Making it possible
> to send the file directly to an application such as Evolution or Gimp?

We should probably handle this via whatever default GNOME has set up --
in the same way as the web browser does: so you get a "Save" or "Open"
option like you do in Epiphany.


-- Edd

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