[gnome-bluetooth] Re: Bluetooth Configuration, new prototype

Fredrik Noring noring at nocrew.org
Tue Jan 27 01:39:14 GMT 2004


tis 2004-01-27 klockan 02.14 skrev Edd Dumbill:
> I'm not convinced that getting a disaster and trying to recover is the
> best option.

Well, I'm sure the backend stuff will be useful in any case. And I
don't think it will be a complete usability disaster in anyway. ;) But
hey, if there are ways (documentation, discussions etc.) to make a nice
initial design I'd be happy.

For the first version, I'm aiming at basic "let's see if there are any
Bluetooth devices active" and limited configuration like setting 
device names and making things discoverable and pairable. I don't have
any particular opinion on most of the other settings and these can be
left out if they lead to usability disasters. I also like to hear if
some settings can be simplified.

> I'm currently writing a chapter on Bluetooth for an upcoming O'Reilly
> book.  I can let you have a draft of this privately, which explains most
> of the configuration file details.  I should have finished the chapter
> by the weekend.

That would be great!

> We should probably handle this via whatever default GNOME has set up --
> in the same way as the web browser does: so you get a "Save" or "Open"
> option like you do in Epiphany.



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