[gnome-bluetooth] Re: [Bluez-devel] What stuff in gnome-bluetooth does, and ideas for its future

Fredrik Noring noring at nocrew.org
Fri Jan 30 18:10:42 GMT 2004

tor 2004-01-29 klockan 21.19 skrev Fred Schättgen:
> I also think that wouldn't be misplaced in bluez. But since it can be easily 
> done with a gnome/kde service, this proposal will surely go to the bottom 
> part of the wishlist if there is no demand from other unrelated projects. 

Here's a proposal:

Similar to the idea with /etc/bluetooth/keytab.socket, additional
sockets can be created for other Bluetooth interface services such
as name scans, lookups etc. Regular users have access to these
capabilities based on socket file permissions.


   /etc/bluetooth/names          # The device name cache
   /etc/bluetooth/names.conf     # The device name configuration file
   /etc/bluetooth/names.socket   # The command socket

Command examples:

   SCAN            - Returns something similar to "hcitool scan"
   LOOKUP <bdaddr> - Returns the name if available in the names file
   DELETE <bdaddr> - Removes the name from the names file
   LIST            - Lists all names in the names file

The hcitool utility can be extended with these features too.

Would this make it?


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