[gnome-bluetooth] Binaries and libraries for glibc 2.2 (RedHat 7.3)?

Daniel Brahneborg basic70 at home.se
Thu Jul 1 09:48:47 BST 2004


I recently got a SonyEricsson Z1010 mobile phone, and wanted
to talk bluetooth with it from my Linux machine. I found the
gnome-bluetooth program, but I'm having problems building it.
I've hunted down all required libs (quite a few, since I had
to find all gtk2 stuff), but can't seem to find libIDL2.
Where can I find the source for that one?  Google only finds
libIDL 0.8.

Maybe somebody has libraries and binaries for glibc 2.2
somewhere? I can't upgrade to glibc 2.3 since I'm building
stuff for clients on this machine, and need to stay at the
lower end of the spectrum.

Many thanks,


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