[gnome-bluetooth] packaging

Brice Carpentier brice at daknet.org
Sun Jul 4 18:58:43 BST 2004

I'm currently packaging gnome-bluetooth for ArchLinux 
(http://www.archlinux.org) and am encountering the following problem :
Our prefixing policy forces me to put gnome software in /opt/gnome (no 
problem until there).
But doing this, I get python things in /opt/gnome/lib/python23/, while 
they should lie in /usr/lib/python23.
I tried some things, namely :
	1/ weird moving of /opt/gnome/lib/python23 in /usr/lib => doesn't work ;)
	2/ make PYTHON_PREFIX=$startdir/pkg/usr && make 
PYTHON_PREFIX=$startdir/pkg/usr prefix=$startdir/pkg/opt/gnome install 
($startdir being the root of the package to be created) => doesn't work.

Basically what I would need is a configure option --with-python-dir that 
would do this stuff automagically.
Is there any chance that you add this to the next release ? (and tell me 
what needs to be changed in the current one so that I can package 
gnome-bluetooth ;))

Brice Carpentier aka Br|ce

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