[gnome-bluetooth] Phone Manager disconnects when receiving a message

Matthew Booth matthew at revolutionwall.net
Fri Jul 16 11:25:56 BST 2004

I've just downloaded and installed:


Gnome Bluetooth seems to be working fine. I can scan for devices, send
and receive files without problems. Phone manager also appears to be
working. It connects to my phone and I can send a text message. However,
whenever the connected phone receives a text message, the bluetooth
connection is dropped immediately. The output is:

** Message: New connection device is /dev/rfcomm0
** Message: Connecting...
** Message: Status 1
** Message: Making serial port connection
** Message: Status 2
** Message: Serial port connected
** Message: Connected to device on /dev/rfcomm0
** Message: Exiting connect thread
[ERROR]: writing to TA (errno: 5/Input/output error)
** Message: Status 4
** Message: Connected error occurred.

The [ERROR] line appears instantly the phone receives a message. I have
tried this with both a Nokia 6600 and a Nokia 6310i, and the results are
the same.

Does anybody have any ideas? I don't know if it's related, but in
setting up gnome phone manager I had to mess with /dev/rfcomm?, which
didn't exist. I created them, set their group to bluetooth and gave
group write on them. My user is in the bluetooth group. I'm not
convinced this should be necessary, but it was the only way I could get
a connection. Have I messed something else up?


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