[gnome-bluetooth] Zaurus SL 5500

karthik bala guru bluekarthik at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 22 09:32:27 BST 2004

I beleive some here would have used Zaurus SL 5500
and hence have a question for you here.

My zaurus SL 5500 has gone frozen to a standstill
state when i rebooted it using the Reboot
option via the software.

It becomes standstill and I am not able to
switch it OFF also.

I am not able to turn it OFF by going into the
Replace Battery mode by using the switch at the
back end also.

The Green led light near the connectivitly Greed led
glows continously.

I want my Zaurus SL 5500 back to the normal
operating condition frineds

Kindly give soln with your experience.

karthik bala guru

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